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by Dave Carbonell, PhD

Online Class for Fearful Fliers

Looking to overcome the fear of flying? This October, I'll offer my class for fearful fliers in an online format.

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Fun podcast about anxiety disorders

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the podcast, “Everything You Want to Know About Therapy *but were too afraid to ask “, hosted by Chicago psychologists Jennifer Trivelli and Jessica Strang. We had a lively conversation about fears, phobias, and anxiety disorders, and also some personal observations about how I became a psychologist. Give it a listen!

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Webinar about handling panic attacks

Here's my webinar, hosted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

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Washington Post story on Panic Attacks

Here's a good story, including interview with me, about panic attacks.

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Psychology Today Blog!

I started a blog on Psychology Today. I plan to publish monthly. Please come check out the first one.

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Award for The Worry Trick!

The Worry Trick has been honored by the folks at Choosingtherapy.com, with inclusion in their list of 14 best books for social anxiety. Check out the full list, it's distinguished company!

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Self Help for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

On August 12, 2020, I sat for a conversation with Drew Linsalata, host of The Anxious Truth podcast. You can hear it here.

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My breakfast with Margo - a conversation about coping!

On Friday, Sept. 4, I sat down for a conversation with Dr. Margo Jacquot. Our topic: How to Outsmart Your Anxious Brain and Break the Anxiety Cycle. Here's the recording.

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Therapy Sessions During the Pandemic

In keeping with the need for social distancing during the pandemic, I will conduct all my treatment sessions by teleconference and telephone, rather than office visits.

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Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with the Worry

There are lots of articles on coping with coronavirus anxiety, but here is one of the most important rules of thumb.

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Free Anxiety Webinar!

On January 23, 2020, I sat for an interview with Neal Sideman, of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. We discussed my new book, Outsmart Your Anxious Brain, and covered a variety of techniques to help people overcome panic, anxiety, worry, and phobias. Here it is.

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The Anxiety Trick and the Path to Recovery

Here's an article of mine that recently appeared in a British psychotherapy blog.

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