Online Fear of Flying Class

by Dave Carbonell, PhD

Does fear keep you from flying? Are you able to "get through" a flight, but only by enduring terrible emotional and physical discomfort, “white knuckling” your way through the flight, or maybe drinking to numb yourself? Does fear limit your career, or your vacations? This problem can seem insurmountable, but it's actually very solvable for most people. I offer a fear of flying class online which can help you regain your ability to travel.

This is a small class format, no more than 10 participants, which will meet via Zoom on the schedule listed below. I will teach you an overall approach to solving the fear of flying, as well as a variety of specific techniques you can use to regain your ability to travel. Some are for the anxiety you feel on board an airplane, and some are for the anticipatory anxiety you feel in the days and weeks, maybe months, ahead of a flight.

This class is designed for people who are seriously troubled by flying and want to regain their ability to fly, in reasonable comfort, whenever it suits their purposes. This includes people who used to fly, but found that their anxiety became so difficult that they stopped flying altogether. It’s also for people who still fly on commercial airlines, but find the experience so stressful that it prevents them from enjoying their travel.

This class is different from the pre-pandemic, in-person version principally in the fact that we won’t have a group flight together. Instead, I ask participants to schedule a short practice flight, of approximately an hour, from their nearest airport and return, on November 6. It doesn't matter which city you fly to, because you’ll just turn around and fly home shortly after you’ve arrived. It’s best to schedule a flight exclusively for this purpose, rather than combine it with some other trip you need to make.

The purpose of the flight is to give you the chance to practice the specific skills and techniques you'll learn from the class, and to break the chain of fear, struggle, and avoidance that usually plagues fearful fliers. That makes the flight a very important part of your class experience. No one will be required to schedule one. However, this class will be the most beneficial to people who are open to the possibility of scheduling a flight for that day.

The class costs $600 for the six sessions, each two hours long. Before you register for the class, each participant needs to have one individual intake meeting with me. I use that session to learn about your history and experience with flying, and to make sure the group is appropriate for your needs. This session takes one hour and costs $225. I don't belong to any health insurance networks, so these sessions will all be considered "out of network" by your insurance company.

State laws regulate online therapy, and I am only able to offer this class to people in states whose laws permit this. I am licensed, through an organization called Psypact, to provide online therapy in 31 states, and there are several others where  I am eligible, including California and New York. Click here to see a list of the Psypact states. If you live outside those states and want to enroll in the class, please contact me so that we can find out if it’s permitted.

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Ready to get the fear of flying off your back? Just thinking about it undoubtedly makes you nervous, but imagine how you'll feel when you return home Sunday night, having accomplished your goal.

For more information, or to register for the fear of flying class, please contact Dr. Carbonell.

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