Fear of Flying Class
in Chicago

The next workshop will be scheduled once the Coronavirus is under control.

by Dave Carbonell, PhD

My fear of flying class can help you regain your ability to travel.

Does fear keep you from flying? Are you able to "get through" a flight, but only by enduring terrible emotional and physical discomfort, or by drinking to numb yourself? Does fear limit your career, or your vacations? This problem can seem insurmountable, but it's actually very solvable for most people, and this weekend workshop is a very practical way to solve it.

I run the workshop in a small class format, typically with 4 to 8 participants, in my Chicago office. We start with a meeting Friday evening, usually 6-8 p.m., and continue with a full day of work on Saturday. I use that time to teach you an overall approach to solving the fear of flying, and also to teach you a variety of specific techniques you can use. Some are for the anxiety you feel on board an airplane, and some are for the anticipatory anxiety you feel in the days and weeks, maybe months, ahead of a flight. We usually include some time for a question and answer session with a commercial pilot.

On Sunday, we'll we go on a flight together. We'll fly on a commercial airline to a city about an hour away from Chicago, typically St. Louis, Detroit, or Minneapolis. It really doesn't matter which city we fly to, because we're just going to turn around and come back as soon as we get there. The purpose of the flight is to give you the chance to practice the specific skills and techniques you've learned on Saturday, and to break the chain of fear, struggle, and avoidance that usually plagues fearful fliers.

I've been offering this fear of flying class for more than 20 years, and it's a great way to get over the fear of flying. The cost of the workshop is $545, plus the airfare, which usually runs $200 - $350. Each participant also needs to have one individual meeting with me. I use that session to learn about your history and experience with flying, and to make sure the group is appropriate for your needs. This session takes approximately 50 minutes, and costs $200. If you're coming from a considerable distance, we can do this first meeting over the telephone. I don't belong to any health insurance networks, but if you have an "out of network" benefit, you may be able to get a partial reimbursement of the costs of the sessions.

The next workshop will be scheduled once the Coronavirus is under control.

Ready to get the fear of flying off your back? Just thinking about it undoubtedly makes you nervous, but imagine how you'll feel when you return home Sunday night, having accomplished your goal.

For more information, or to register for the fear of flying class, please contact Dr. Carbonell.

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