My Anxiety Self Help Books

by Dave Carbonell, PhD

I have four self-help books available: Panic Attacks Workbook, The Worry Trick, Fear of Flying Workbook, and the newest, Outsmart Your Anxious Brain.

Panic Attacks Workbook is written primarily for people experiencing panic attacks and the phobias and agoraphobia that usually comes with panic attacks.

The Worry Trick is written primarily for people experiencing chronic worry, often associated with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Fear of Flying Workbook is a program to help people overcome fear of flying.

Outsmart Your Anxious Brain: 10 Simple Ways to Beat the Worry Trick is a go-to guide outlining ten specific steps you can take to overcome anxiety, panic, and worry.

Click on the book covers above for more information about these books, or to order them individually.

You can save a little money by ordering these combinations:

Save $5 by ordering Panic Attacks Workbook and The Worry Trick together.

Save $11 by ordering all three books together- Panic Attacks Workbook, The Worry Trick, and Fear of Flying Workbook.

All three books are also available in audio book editions.

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