Wondering How to Worry Less?

by Dave Carbonell, PhD

Do you want to know how to worry less?  My book about worry, The Worry Trick, will show you how.  It offers people who struggle with chronic worry the same kind of understanding and guidance to be found in my first book, Panic Attacks Workbook.

Simple, effective methods for worry:
Learn how to worry less

The Worry Trick (in paperback and audio versions) helps you discover the "trick" behind chronic worry. It shows you why, so often, your efforts to stop worrying only lead to more persistent worry.

Even better, it shows you how to worry less. It shows you what to do differently to allow you to worry less and put your time, energy, and attention back into living the life you want.

Excerpts from the foreword
by Sally Winston, Psy.D.

This is something radically original.

Dr. Carbonell has a way of saying things that just makes you stop and reconsider long-held beliefs and practices. And who would expect that a book about worry could actually be fun to read? The foibles of the typical anxious mind are described so astutely and so kindly that you just keep reading. And then he describes how to get out of worry loops in a way that is both counter-intuitive and makes all the sense in the world.

Who should read this book? People who worry too much, people who worry about their worrying, people who love people who worry, people who treat people who worry.

Dr. Carbonell shifts the conversation about worry from efforts to analyze or banish it to changing one’s relationship to it, so that the presence of doubt or worry thoughts causes minimal distress. He illustrates how a shift in attitude can liberate joy and other emotions that have been overtaken. Worry thoughts are treated not as signals or messages or news or calls to urgent action, but as unanswerable questions not worth engaging with. Learning to distinguish between thoughts that lead to helpful action and the “nagging” of an anxious brain is the first task he teaches. From there, he takes the reader on a step-by-step journey to recovery.

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