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Top Ten Anxiety Blogs of 2016!

The folks at Healthline just released their top ten list of anxiety blogs. Not to brag, but guess who's on it?

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Training for therapists in northern California!

I'm bringing my anxiety treatment workshop for psychotherapists to Northern California in late July! For those of you elsewhere, the July 27 workshop will also be a live webcast.

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Here's the recording of my "How to Worry Less" webinar!

This webinar was originally hosted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America on April 12, 2016.

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Buy both my books for less!

Save $5 when you buy Panic Attacks Workbook and The Worry Trick together!

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Self Help Program for Nervous Sweating

Are you troubled by nervous sweating that occurs when you have to talk with people, maybe in a meeting or a party? I'm presently working on a self help program for this problem, and plan to offer it as a recording, either a DVD or a downloadable sound file, sometime in 2016.

If you want to get a notice when the program is ready, send an email to, with "sweat" in the subject line.

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How to Worry Less: Dr. Carbonell's new book, The Worry Trick

Wondering how to worry less? Dr. Carbonell, author of Panic Attacks Workbook, announces his new book, The Worry Trick.

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Here's a great book for therapists about treating anxiety disorders.

Two colleagues on the east coast - Martin Seif, Ph.D. and Sally Winston, Psy.D. - have written a wonderful book for therapists who want to learn more about treating anxiety disorders. Check it out!

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Interview about Panic & Anxiety

Here's an interview I gave to Bill Maxwell, of Chicago3Media, on May 5, 2014.

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Beat the Anxiety Trick: How to Overcome chronic anxiety

The Anxiety Trick. Do you fight anxiety, but feel more stuck? It's not your fault. The surprising truth about overcoming chronic anxiety.

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Panic Disorder: Solving the Trick of Anxiety Attacks

Panic Disorder can trick you into a life of fear. Here you can learn a strategy and self help tools to help you undo the the Panic Trick.

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Investigation of Phobia "Expert" Wins Award

WGN-TV News won a "Silver Dome" Award from the Illinois Broadcasters Association for their investigative report, "Man Claiming to Cure Phobias exposed by WGN News". The award, for Best Hard News, was given to producer Marsha Bartel and reporter Mark Suppelsa on June 15.

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Anxiety Humor: Sometimes it Helps to Laugh!

Anxiety humor: People struggle against panic attacks, but finding the funny parts can be a big help. Here's Dr. Carbonell's funny songs, and more.

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